Where it all Began


Craig Mischief (born Craig Alan Wiblin) was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the 14th July 1966.

He attended Grey Junior School, but knew from a very early age that he really enjoyed making people laugh.

As most parents do, Craig's parents tried to convince him that Entertainment was NOT a good career, and that he should join a Government or Municipal Institution, and thereby having a secure "Lifelong Job."

Craig took part in every single play or variety concert that came his way, and after leaving School, he did his 2 years National Service in the Military Band playing Bass.


He worked as a toolmaker, and then a career change into the Hospitality Industry, saw him end up as a Restaurant Manager at the Sandton Sun in Johannesburg.

Eventually he woke up one morning after doing a lot of Entertainment in his spare time, and gave 24hrs notice and resigned.

No money, no motorcar (bike only) no equipment, No gigs booked, no home phone, and no cellphones in those days !!




First of all he joined up with a Karaoke outfit, and added a touch of Comedy to the Karaoke Show, and eventually bought his own Karaoke System and went on his own.

He pulled in his partner Larry Nel, and the became SA's only "Comedy Karaoke" and would end up working together all over South Africa for the next 8 years !!


Craig then decided that it was time to toss the Karaoke, and go "Live", so the incorporated Multi Instrumentalist Oliver, and "White Mischief" was born.

This was a 3 piece Comedy Dance Band that became immensly popular around South Africa, and had their last run in Craig's hometown of Port Elizabeth.


Craig decided that his ultimate dream of becoming a Solo Entertainer/ Stand-Up Comedian/ Vocalist & MC, had to now take place, and he gave his band notice, and Craig Mischief was born.

He has had a very colorful solo career, and when it comes to recordings, Craig has 4 Audio Cassettes(tapes) and 4 CD's under his belt, and the next goal will be a DVD of a Live Show !!


He has travelled all over the country, performing for various events, and across our African Borders, to perform in Zambia and Namibia.


He recently got a call to perform in the UK in 2008, which is an exciting possibility.


Craig also presented his own Breakfast Show on local radio station BayFm 107.9mhz for the period of 2 years (Monday-Friday 6-9am)


He has made numerous TV appearences, namely Chuckle & Chat, Entertainment Africa and the Weakest Link.

There is a lot that this talented artist still has up his sleeve, so keep an eye on him as he grows from strength to strength.


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