Winds Of Change

Friday, November 11, 2011

It is amazing how the entire Entertainment Industry has changed.

I used to be a Comedian, but now I sell myself as an Entertainer.
Years back it was good enough to stand with a mike and make people laugh.....................
However I found it limited one to certain kinds of Events !!

What if they want a Comedy Show, then a 1 man Band, then a DJ, and to keep the night running smoothly, they need an MC ??
That means they will need to hire and pay 4 people !!
Most Companys don't have that kind of budget to play with, so they end up eliminating segments of their Event, to fit into their Budget.

I thought, what if one put in some effort and actually became comfortable enough to offer all these services, and better still all rolled into 1 for the price of 1 ??
Well although being hard work, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

There are very few Artists that can offer a whole "Package Deal" and I think it is so Important.
Offer good, friendly service, at realistic rates and you will always be busy.


And remember , that No Matter what happens in Life...............Always take time out to Laugh !!

Craig Mischief


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